Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Riding in Los Angeles: the negatives

I've been riding a lot lately in Los Angeles traffic, and I've had a number of negative experiences in the past few weeks, after quite a while with "nothing to report." The worst of these have been the actively hostile acts. Last night, riding with my dog in a Venice alley, a driver in a pickup truck came along and, just after passing me--I was facing him--made a point of spinning his wheels and accelerating aggressively, apparently in an attempt to startle. And two weeks before, I had someone in a large silver Lexus 470 SUV with a Harvard Westlake sticker on the rear window proceed to buzz me as I rode in the bike path down Ocean Blvd. in Santa Monica, then verbally harangue me. Very unpleasant; I hope all reverts to the more staid pattern of the previous year or so.

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