Thursday, February 23, 2012

Continental Divide Multi Surface Riding

Continental Divide riding: Northern New Mexico dirt roads, wind, and late winter

I went for a brief utility/errand ride yesterday afternoon, which put me on stretches of dirt road at 7,000 feet above sea level. I rode the new-to-me Econo Allrounder with 26x1.5 inch Continental Top Touring tires, a kind of worn set of the old German ones, not the new Indian ones that are just too damn heavy.

For multi terrain rides, all tire choices are a compromise. I had been running small knob, 1.7 inch width knobbies on this bike that weighed about the same as the Contis; but they were amazingly slow rolling on pavement despite their continuous center strip; I pulled them off last weekend. The Contis roll a lot better on pavement, but are a little sketchy on the edge of cambered dirt roads where gravel has gathered towards the outer edges.

Multiple terrain rides are, as always, a blast. I look forward to northern NM touring on some forest service dirt roads this summer, if all goes as planned.

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